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Disaster Management Training Unarmed Combat Self Defence Krav Maga Course India Mumbai

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Dear Aspirants,

“VOLUNTEER, DISASTER CONTROL” Certification Program:

You have to apply by filling the below form for training with UCCA and meet the eligibility requirements. We often conduct short crash courses for eligible and inclined citizens.

UCCA force HQ in Delhi trains only Indian forces. There is a Civil Academy affiliated to UCCA in Mumbai which trains civilians in adventure courses after selection.

You can avail of 3 short basic training courses, each course of 2 day duration, held on a weekend in Mumbai.


The “VOLUNTEER, DISASTER CONTROL” Certification Program:

You have to do 3 short training courses with us. Each course is of 2 days, Sat and Sun and held in Mumbai every month. These courses aim at equipping you to survive most crises on an individual level. You may then volunteer to help civic authorities in disaster mgt. We too shall request your participation as a volunteer whenever the need arises, in serving humanity.

Course Code C1-UAC - Basic Unarmed Combat and Weapons Defence
Course Code C2-FAC - Fire Survival, First Aid & CPR
Course Code C3-DSC - Basic Disaster Survival Course

The fee for courses are
C-1 - Basic Unarmed Combat &Weapon Defence - Rs 5000
C-2 - Basic First Aid CPR Fire Survival - Rs 5000
C-3 - Basic Disaster Survival Course - Rs 5000

The courses may be taken anytime within a year

CERTIFICATION: Individual Certificates will be awarded on successful completion of each of the C-1 C-2 C-3 course programs. The courses can be availed at anytime depending upon availability and to the applicant’s convenience, but within the span of one year.

After completion of all 3 courses, the VOLUNTEER, DISASTER CONTROL certification shall be issued, signifying acquisition of all skills related to disaster management aid.

UCCA is internationally recognized as a premier institute of combat and survival training.

You can plan the available courses on any weekend (Sat/ Sun) by prior notification, subject to availability. Please contact us by email.

You can plan your training course on any Sat & Sun subject to available slots. You can arrive on Sat morn and depart on Sun even back to your home city. We can help your accommodation on sat night. Please contact us by email.

Plz fill the form below for consideration of admission

The form is to be filled SEE BELOW

The most modern military martial art in the world!





Military Martial Arts have a singular goal – to terminate the enemy or opponent in the shortest possible time. During World War II UAC methods were hastily compiled by the Allies for training the armies world over. These methods were derived from traditional martial arts like Wrestling, Judo and Karate prevalent at that time. Even today, the modern day combatives are derived from BJJ< Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (a ground fighting art).

Martial art instructors are not familiar with the military applications & requirements and military instructors do not have a professional background in martial arts, other than the sport versions of Wrestling, Judo, BJJ, Taekwondo & Karate. The most recent addition to military martial arts is Krav Maga, an art centering on street fights, escapes from collar grabs, wrist grabs, neck locks and bear hugs, a scenario not applicable to the military, where silent and sudden termination tactics are the rule.

The Rao couple, Major Deepak Rao and Dr. Seema Rao, spent 17 years of their life, researching & training over 15,000 soldiers from the Indian forces in Close Quarter Battle and Unarmed Combat. They have over three decades of professional expertise in various martial arts. They draw inspiration from their Teacher, Richard Bustillo, Original student of Bruce Lee and World authority on the art founded by Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do (JKD).

The Jeet Kune Do concepts are a guideline to problem solving inside and outside the arena. The JKD concepts as understood by us can be summarized in brief as follows

A) Research the truth or subject at hand: under guidance of an expert without any bias or preformed notions with an open minded approach

B) Absorb what is useful & C) Reject what is useless: depending upon whether they meet the criteria of Simplicity & Economy of Resources, Directness and Efficiency.

D) Tailor make whatever has been absorbed to your self, your situation and requirement

Now applying JKD to the military martial art requirement, there is a need for an art which meets the following

A) The Art must cater to no height, weight or age category

B) All techniques must be aimed at termination or crippling vital targets

C) All techniques must be simple, few in number, easy to learn

D) All knock downs must take Less effort and the shortest possible time

E) The Art must be principle based, allowing every individual to modify it to his advantage and constitution.

The Rao’s research led to a modern day art “The Bison System”. This military art has been developed by the Rao couple after 17 years of training the cross section of the Indian forces. Their efforts in modernization of Close Quarter Battle training has received two Army Chief appreciations.

The Indian Bison or the Bos Gaurus is a very aggressive animal, standing 2 m tall, with 32 inch horns and weighing 2 tons. Its principle enemy is the Tiger, which it rushes head on and often gores to death. The Gaur Bison is not to be mixed with the American Bison, which is a timid animal often hunted and now almost extinct. The Gaur is also known for its principles, the entire herd standing in a circle around the calf confronting the tigers.

The Rao’s Bison system has the following JKD features

A) Each opponent is fought with a different STRATEGY depending on his size, height & aggression level.

B) ATTACK first, Attack fast, Attack hard and suddenly to force the opponent to adopt a defensive approach

C) The appropriate RANGE or distance is to be selected depending on your advantage and to the opponent’s disadvantage.

D) The hardest parts of the body are used against the softest parts and VITAL organs of the opponent.

E) The best available ANGLE is selected to attack the opponent and disrupt his defense.

F) Attack is launched at the appropriate LEVEL (Head, Body, Groin, Leg levels) depending upon the height of the opponent.

G) Attack is always launched in rapid COMBINATIONS rather than singular, giving the opponent no time to think.

H) A correct STATE (Ice-Static, Water-Bobbing, Gas-Prancing) of engagement is adopted depending upon stature of the opponent.

Almost all the elite Special Op forces of India have been trained by the Rao couple. The Rao’s have helped in modernizing the Counter Terror CQB training curriculum of various Indian forces. Many of the special operation units of the Indian forces have gone on record stating that they have benefited immensely from Rao’s expertise in Close Quarter Battle training.

Today, world over, the Bison system is regarded as the most modern military martial art.

Both of the above UCCA courses are available for CIVILIANS .
No liability Bond will have to be furnished absolving the UCCA from any responsibility for accidental injury, handicap or fatality during training. Courses are for Indian Nationals only.
Civilians please apply by filling the BELOW FORM. 

 Also visit 

Contact UCCA


For security reasons, getting in touch with UCCA directly is not possible. Select civilians may be considered for UCCA VOLUNTEER DISASTER CONTROL Course after careful Security Screening.Please fill the form below in every field & mail us

Name & Surname
Place of Residence
Rank for Forces personnel
Occupation for civilians
E Mail Address
What do u want from us? Civilians cannot be trained in CQB or Military subjects.

Col B L Sharma (Retd) Hon. Secretary UCCA
Ex ParaCommando Special Forces






INDIAN SERVICES personnel can reach UCCA via e-mail to

The UCCA c/o 

Honorary Secretary & Technical Advisor (Training) 


Col BL Sharma (Retd)2 War veteran 

Past CO, Special Forces



E Mail at


 No Email from civilian shall be entertained at this email address. Civilians are requested to use and fill in the complete enquiry form above 














Important Note: 


'ACCS' is a technical term to denote the close combat art founded by Major Rao.

 Major Rao has been described by the Indian ministry of defense as the pioneer and first Indian to specialise in Close Quarter battle training. He & the org UCCA has trained thousands of Indian forces under official invitation by the top brass in CQB and ACCS. However it may be noted that the 'ACCS' Or the ACCS Website has no direct connection to the Indian Forces or Police. ACCS denotes UCCA Art of Close Combat offered only to Indian Forces. 


Please note that CQB or ACCS is not a Martial Art but a Military art. (The misinterpretation tends to occur as Unarmed Combat features in the Org name UCCA) We offer no placements for Karate blackbelts or civilian experts. Ex Forces PC Officers are welcome to join us for training the forces, without compensation, as is the UCCA ideology. No Civilian shall be taught the Close quarter military skills of ACCS.


Besides the Directors & Faculty of ACCS, no civilian is authorized OR qualified to teach ACCS. UCCA has a few Special Forces (retd) Army Officers who teach the restricted content of ACCS during UCCA courses (for the Indian forces) only


The information provided here is only to give an idea of functionality of the UCCA Arts. No Classified information is given here. 


DISCLAIMER: We caution the readers from attempting any technique outlined here, as it may rarely prove to be dangerouly fatal. Hence if you shall do, it will be at your own risk. We shall bear no responsibility for your actions.


We are non commercial, non competitive & non traditional.

We are totally committed to serving the Indian Forces.

Our entire work in modernization of Close Quarter Combat over 20 years has been without compensation, as a SERVICE TO THE NATION





One Enemy. One Chance.

One Strike. One Kill !




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