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Close Quarter Battle Training (Military)

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Close Quarter Battle scenarios are common with the Special Forces & the Army & in Counter Terrorism Operations where the enemy comes as close as 30 meters.


CQB Trg is in great demand with the armed forces after Kargil, where CQB played a pivotal role in victory, where the Army had to literally force the enemy off its soil.  


ACCS has devised its own training solutions to common CQB situations.


Practically most elite units of the Indian forces have trained in ACCS - CQB or under Dr. Raos.




Conventional Martial Combat arts in civilian situations has to be modified to Commando Close Quarter situations like Hostage rescue, Silent termination, Mob fighting, Riot control, Sentry immobilization, Bayonet fighting & Firearm confrontations. They will have to be executed in Teams with proper protocols, SOPS and coordination. They will have to be combined with Reflex Shooting skills when the enemy is distant.



For Commando Close Quarter situations, a fighting art has to be specially designed for termination or crippling the enemy soldier with the slightest effort in the shortest time, with bare hands or the weapons at hand.


For this, years of reinvention on the existing military unarmed combat techniques & newer Close Quarter Shooting Reflex methods on large numbers of soldiers is needed. ACCS meets this need with its vast experience in training Spec Op forces.



Inspector General Seetarama Rao IG Training  Andhra Pradesh State Police


' I deem  it a privilege to place on record the excellent service rendered by Dr Rao in regard to Training for skills in Special Operations.'




All over the world, martial arts are now edging towards the reality combat concept. In this, Real situations are generated and the trainee is made to actually experience situational combat. We have used this principle to simulate Close Quarter Combat, to add the realism to the training.


During the process of training the forces in Advanced Hand to hand combat, we experimented with creating mock Close Quarter situations for two Teams and clashing men together. During such an exercise, their expertise in Physical Fitness & endurance, Mental faculties, Hand to hand Combat, Hand to Weapon skills, Small Team Tactics, Knife & Close Quarter skills & Reflex shooting and Survival all would be evaluated.   


Brig  Anil Malhotra    - Commandant 


' The tactical Exercises are innovative & very practical

as they use  variable strategies and have unpredictable outcomes. I have the fullest personal confidence in their training. I would love to have them with me to train for CQB.'


Brig Sawant, Commandant, 


'Dr Seema brings a fresh innovative & enthusiatic approach to Counter Insurgency Training and the drills propogated by her will be of immense help in combat situations. My compliments to her for the excellent and selfless service.'  


Reality Simulation Tactical Exercise of EVADE & ESCAPE. A Squad of commandos perform a mock mission of say sabotage of railway tracks behind enemy linesand are chased by 12 of enemy soldiers. How they use booby traps, camoflague, reflex shooting to cover each others advances with live fire under enemy LMG fire is tested here in this ACCS exercise.   

A CQB Simulation Exercise
Forces Trg by Prof. Rao

Close Quarter Combat Skills (CQB Skills)

A sample situation would be a commando squad of 4 members who have to sabotage a enemy camp. They will have to use stealth in approach, use Knife termination methods to silence sentries, may have to grapple and use Hand to hand silencing & crippling methods during sabotage operation, since silence is of prime importance & after their mission is accomplished, get back to their friendly lines by Quick Reflex Close quarter shooting skills,


We teach this module in the following 4 phases


Phase 1


Advanced Commando Combat System

the modern Hand to hand Combat

Modern methods of commando hand to hand combat, designed to quickly terminate/cripple with minimum effort,

taught in two parts 

A - Hand to Weapon combat

B - Hand to Hand combat


Phase 2

ACCS Close Quarter Essential skills

This include applications like Bayonet fighting, Dagger termination, Combat with empty rifles when rounds are over, Rendering of unconsciousness, Crippling with rifle butt, Martial art applications of  Pressure points, Techniques for Emergency first Aid, Etc. 


Phase 3

Dy Shtg 

ACCS Dynamic Shooting for Counter Terrorism Ops

Our innovative methods of Reflex Sport shooting applicable to Close Quarter Combat situations to reduce reaction time and improve precision


Phase 4

ACCS Tactical Simulation of CQB situation

Reality Exercises for Counter Terrorism Ops

Our ACCS tactical mock operational exercises for Spec Ops with two QRTs -Quick Response Teams, (commandos & hostiles) simulating CI Ops / Spec Ops with the reality factor.


in ACCS, We plan a mock Close Quarter Operational exercise for Spec ops like Hostage rescue, Ambush, Sabotage, Raid, etc and make two teams clash with each other at Close Quarter range, in the process testing their ability in CQB skills, i.e. Hand to Hand combat, Hand to Weapon combat, Weapon to Weapon & Precision in Reflex  Shooting, coodination of Small Teams & CQB Tactics under tightly controlled circumstances coupled with good physical conditioning to cover large distances in a short time.  


There are plenty of equipment like IWES which obliviates the need to train with live rounds. These may be used.


PS: The above Close Quarter UAC skills are a result of our own experiments & is conducted as part of our courses in Unarmed Close Quarter Combat.

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For security reasons, getting in touch with UCCA directly is not possible. Select civilians may be considered for UCCA VOLUNTEER DISASTER CONTROL Course after careful Security Screening.Please fill the form below in every field & mail us

Name & Surname
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What do u want from us? Civilians cannot be trained in CQB or Military subjects.

Col B L Sharma (Retd) Hon. Secretary UCCA
Ex ParaCommando Special Forces






INDIAN SERVICES personnel can reach UCCA via e-mail to

The UCCA c/o 

Honorary Secretary & Technical Advisor (Training) 


Col BL Sharma (Retd)2 War veteran 

Past CO, Special Forces



E Mail at


 No Email from civilian shall be entertained at this email address. Civilians are requested to use and fill in the complete enquiry form above 














Important Note: 


'ACCS' is a technical term to denote the close combat art founded by Major Rao.

 Major Rao has been described by the Indian ministry of defense as the pioneer and first Indian to specialise in Close Quarter battle training. He & the org UCCA has trained thousands of Indian forces under official invitation by the top brass in CQB and ACCS. However it may be noted that the 'ACCS' Or the ACCS Website has no direct connection to the Indian Forces or Police. ACCS denotes UCCA Art of Close Combat offered only to Indian Forces. 


Please note that CQB or ACCS is not a Martial Art but a Military art. (The misinterpretation tends to occur as Unarmed Combat features in the Org name UCCA) We offer no placements for Karate blackbelts or civilian experts. Ex Forces PC Officers are welcome to join us for training the forces, without compensation, as is the UCCA ideology. No Civilian shall be taught the Close quarter military skills of ACCS.


Besides the Directors & Faculty of ACCS, no civilian is authorized OR qualified to teach ACCS. UCCA has a few Special Forces (retd) Army Officers who teach the restricted content of ACCS during UCCA courses (for the Indian forces) only


The information provided here is only to give an idea of functionality of the UCCA Arts. No Classified information is given here. 


DISCLAIMER: We caution the readers from attempting any technique outlined here, as it may rarely prove to be dangerouly fatal. Hence if you shall do, it will be at your own risk. We shall bear no responsibility for your actions.


We are non commercial, non competitive & non traditional.

We are totally committed to serving the Indian Forces.

Our entire work in modernization of Close Quarter Combat over 20 years has been without compensation, as a SERVICE TO THE NATION





One Enemy. One Chance.

One Strike. One Kill !




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