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Special Operation Police Personnel training at UCCA in Close Combat




In 2004, ACCS was developed and researched by the Raos after training 15,000 personnel from the Indian Armed Forces, Indian Police & Professional Martial Artists.

Dr. Raos had a training background in Fitness Training, Medicine, Martial Arts & Boxing, Sports Shooting, Scuba Diving, Mountaineering & Para-Sports. They were ardent followers of the JKD Concepts: “Absorb what is useful & to hack away the limitation” as well as the KISS Principle: “Keep it Simple Stupid !”   


In early 1995, After an overview of existing arts, Prof. Dr. Rao felt that unarmed combat systems which was derived from Karate, Jiu Jitsu  and Taekwondo used  by the Armed Forces World over, needed to be replaced by a modern day Tactical Close Combat systems  specifically designed for the commando and special operation man. He began his research in martial arts by training Maharashtra Police under encouragement by Director General Police A V Krishnan in 1995.


In 1996, V N Deshmukh, Additional Commissioner of Police (Security-SB) saw Dr Raos give a presentation in modern combat methods. Impressed with Dr Raos concepts, he immediately scheduled a Special Protection combat workshop for his officers. Thus began a series of training courses for various depts of Police. 


In 2005, V N Deshmukh took charge as Add Director General of Police and was instrumental in helping development of ACCS over the last decade, by his constant encouragement.     


In 1997, the Director General Natio nal Secu rity Gua rd Mr RD Tyagi invited Dr Rao to impart modern unarmed combat training to the elite Bla ck cats.


The then Commandant Nation al Security Gu ards Trg Center Brig Balbir Singh, was tremendously impressed by Dr Raos. He later repeatedly invited Dr Raos to train various army formations, including Moun tain Division, in CQB where he was Dy GOC. Brig Balbir has been a constant source of motivation for us.    


The Chief Of Army Staff General Roy Chaudhary, impressed by Dr Raos  work, ordered forty potential Instructors from Paracommando Special Forces all over the country to be thoroughly trained by Dr Rao at the Parachute Regt Trg Center in advanced unarmed combat (1997). Thus modern commando combat came to exist in a big way.


In 1998, The Naval Chief Admiral Vish nu Bhagwt via the Directortae Diving & undersea Operations invited Dr Rao to train thirty Instructors of the elite Marine Commando Force - Undersea ops. 


Dr Raos went on to train Border Securitry Force instructors, under invitation by Director General BSF, A K Tan don


As Dr. Raos gained in teaching experience, Many CQB tactics were constantly added to their courses.

All of Dr. Raos initial courses involved innovations in Unarmed Combat, Bayonet & Knife fighting, Sentry termination & related CQB skills specially designed for use in Commando situations like hostage rescue, Commando warfare & special operations.


Dr. Rao being into sport and target shooting, also started experimenting with Close quarter shooting in motion where soldiers would be taught Reflex shooting methods, To shoot from a moving state on to moving targets, newer Precision & Aiming maneuvers called Reflex shooting. This was demonstrated at the army courses, got very popular & thereafter multiple courses for various Army formations followed in CQB Shooting.  


Dr. Raos went on innovating CQB. They also studied the training methodology of the Commando forces like the famous SAS, GSG-9, via the Internet, journals, books & media.


Looking to adding Reality in trg, They started devising CQB simulation Training exercises where they pitched two groups against each other in CQB where they can apply Small team tactics & execute mock Commando missions. They formed protocols on how small teams should function in the Indian scenario. Here their background in Defensive Tactics (police & military unarmed combat Tactics) helped a lot. This was a great hit with the Indian forces who were open to see the utility of these CQB innovations.


Soon after the Indo Pak Kargil battle,the importance of advanced training in many aspects of Close Quarter Battle, (which played a pivotal role in victory), was realized.


The Army Commander Gen S. Padmanab han invited Dr Raos to impart CQB training to the Instructors of Commando wing, Infantry school, Belgaum.


This was followed by many Special Operation Units & Police Counter Terrorism Units.


As of date, more than hundred academies and training centers have been trained by Dr Raos in various specialized combat subjects.


In Oct 2001, the Indian Ar my HQ analysed Dr Raos research in Modernization of CQB and Unarmed Combat training (sent to the Army Chief) & the Chief of Army Staff bestowed Official appreciation to Dr Raos work.


In 2003, Indian Sp ecial Forces & Gro ups invited Dr. Rao for training their personnel. Maj. General Satnam Singh, Commander JL Wing, Infantry School  invited Dr. Seema to Belgaum to train the Comm ando wing Instructors.


In 2003, Dr Raos book 'Terrorism : A Comprehensive Analysis of World Terrorism' got published. Its proceeds were donated to charity. 


In 2004, Prof. Dr. Rao was inducted into the International Combat World Hall of Fame for his contribution to Military tactical combat.


In 2004, Prof. Dr. Rao completed his Doctorate in Military Science from an international university and received his DSc for his research study in Tactical Training.


He was also certified as an International Law Enforcement Trainer by the US Professional Certification Board of American Society of Law Enforcement Training.


Their work in the unarmed combat arts was commended by Sifu Richard Bustillo, Bruce Lees Original student & FBI Trainer, IMB Academy, LA USA


Prof. Dr. Rao is the receipient of the US Pr esidents Gold Award, in recognition of his outstanding commitment to training, awarded by the Presi dents Council of Sports.


In 2005, the Rao couple sent their research once again to the Indian Army Chief, Gen J J Sin gh & received official appreciation.


Subsequently, They were invited by the Army Chief to give a presentation on ACCS at a high level Army Conference presided by Chief of Staff Army Tra ining Com mand, Lt G en Mohan P andey & had delegates from all over the country including 4 Generals. (18 Oct 2005). This endorsed official acknowledgement of the importance of ACCS in Close Quarter Battle for Counter Terrorism ops.


In 2006 the Rao couple trained army formations in various counter Terrorist Ops locations under invitations by commanding Generals.


In 2006 the Army Com mander (NC) Gen D. Kap oor invited the Rao couple to impart modern ACCS CQB tactics & Reflex Shooting for Counter Terrorism Op applications at Corps Battle Trg School for selected participants from various formations incl Special forces drawn from the entire Command. This was an invitation at the highest level from the Army.


In 2006 The Rao couple were invited by the Indian Air Force Chief, Air Chief Marshal SP Tya gi to train their elite Special Forces in ACCS. This work received the Air Marshals Appreciation.


Today Specialised aspects of ACCS trg has been imparted to Special Op Forces, Natio nal Sec urity Gua rds, Anti Terrorism Squads, C orp Battle Trg Schools, & many Elite super specialised units like Paracommandos, Hos tage Rescue Units, Counter Hi jack Units, Del ta force, Police Special Crack Units etc.


Today, ACCS stands to represent the modern day Military Close Combat art in the world.




Despite three decades in combat & much international acclaim, Dr Raos prefer to remain non commercial, low profile & commited to selflessly serving their beloved Nation. (Dr Raos have not charged any professional fees for the last 10 years for training the Indian Forces despite going bankrupt many a time)


 During training, Prof. Dr Rao has lost part of his vision, torn his kidneys, suffered a slipped disc, dislocated his knee & had multiple fractures including a smashed face with maxillary & mandibular fractures. He has also suffered hypocalcemic convulsions due to long distance cross country marathons.

Dr Seema has fractured her vertebrae during wrestling & suffered amnesia for months after a head injury due to a fall. Despite this history, They relentlessly continue their pursuit of Military combat arts.    


In 2004, Prof. Dr Rao named his art of Tactical Close Combat as ACCS and formed the UCCA. 


Today, Internationally,


The Raos are highly respected World Authority on

Military CQB. Their articles are featured in International journals.


The UCCA is a government recognized Trust. Via UCCA, The Rao couple continue to train the Elite forces in Close Quarter Battle.

They often are invited as Guest Speakers to Army Offi cers Training academy, National Pol ice academy & Commando Wi ng. 




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Contact UCCA


For security reasons, getting in touch with UCCA directly is not possible. Select civilians may be considered for UCCA VOLUNTEER DISASTER CONTROL Course after careful Security Screening.Please fill the form below in every field & mail us

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Col B L Sharma (Retd) Hon. Secretary UCCA
Ex ParaCommando Special Forces






INDIAN SERVICES personnel can reach UCCA via e-mail to

The UCCA c/o 

Honorary Secretary & Technical Advisor (Training) 


Col BL Sharma (Retd)2 War veteran 

Past CO, Special Forces



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Important Note: 


'ACCS' is a technical term to denote the close combat art founded by Major Rao.

 Major Rao has been described by the Indian ministry of defense as the pioneer and first Indian to specialise in Close Quarter battle training. He & the org UCCA has trained thousands of Indian forces under official invitation by the top brass in CQB and ACCS. However it may be noted that the 'ACCS' Or the ACCS Website has no direct connection to the Indian Forces or Police. ACCS denotes UCCA Art of Close Combat offered only to Indian Forces. 


Please note that CQB or ACCS is not a Martial Art but a Military art. (The misinterpretation tends to occur as Unarmed Combat features in the Org name UCCA) We offer no placements for Karate blackbelts or civilian experts. Ex Forces PC Officers are welcome to join us for training the forces, without compensation, as is the UCCA ideology. No Civilian shall be taught the Close quarter military skills of ACCS.


Besides the Directors & Faculty of ACCS, no civilian is authorized OR qualified to teach ACCS. UCCA has a few Special Forces (retd) Army Officers who teach the restricted content of ACCS during UCCA courses (for the Indian forces) only


The information provided here is only to give an idea of functionality of the UCCA Arts. No Classified information is given here. 


DISCLAIMER: We caution the readers from attempting any technique outlined here, as it may rarely prove to be dangerouly fatal. Hence if you shall do, it will be at your own risk. We shall bear no responsibility for your actions.


We are non commercial, non competitive & non traditional.

We are totally committed to serving the Indian Forces.

Our entire work in modernization of Close Quarter Combat over 20 years has been without compensation, as a SERVICE TO THE NATION





One Enemy. One Chance.

One Strike. One Kill !




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